This page will list older releases of our software to download. All tools/software will automatically enter a demo mode unless a valid license is found. The demo mode will show the functionality of the software, but add a noise/watermark on top of the processed images. This makes it easy to do a software trial by just downloading and testing the software without sorting out a license first. If you do wish to test out the software without any limitations, you can request a free trial license using this page.

Please do try the software on your own system before ordering a license using the shop.
By downloading our software you are accepting our end user license agreement.

NNSuperResolution – v2.5.0

CUDA11.2.0CUDA11.0.2CUDA10.1.243CUDA10.0.130CPU only
NVIDIA cuDNNv8.1.0v8.0.3v8.0.3v7.6.5
NVIDIA driver460.27+ on Linux
460.89+ on Windows
450.51+418.87+ on Linux
426.00+ on Windows
(Nuke Indie

(Nuke Indie



These are all the different available download versions of NNSuperResolution v2.5.0. The options with the NVIDIA CUDA logo got the CUDA libraries included in the download zip (which means you don’t need to have the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit installed on the system globally to run the plugin, but instead use the included libs from these downloads).
For RTX3xxx compatibility, please use the CUDA11.2 builds.

Important! If you are downloading the Windows versions of the plugin, you have to add the full path to the chosen plugin installation folder to the PATH environment variable on your system. This is needed for the plugin to be able to find additional included libraries that it is dependent on. Please refer to the “Plugin Installation” section in the included Documentation for more details. (This is handled automatically by the system when you are using the Linux versions.)

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